• Durable vented steel enclosure
  • 20mm conduit entries on both sides
  • Step down from 230V to 110V CTE supply
  • Hard wired 230V input
  • Hard wired or socket output options
  • 1.5kVA to 5kVA intermittent rating options
  • Resettable thermal cut out
  • Wall or floor mount fixing points
  • IP22


  • Indoor Use
  • Low Voltage


Intermittent Rating Continuous Rating Weight Socket Outlets Product Code
1.5kVA 0.75kVA 12kg 2 x 16A BR1500
1.5kVA 0.75kVA 12kg Hard Wired BR1500H
3.3kVA 1.65kVA 18kg 2 x 16A BR3000
3.3kVA 1.65kVA 18kg Hard Wired BR3000H
5.0kVA 3.0kVA 36kg 4 x 16A BR5000
5.0kVA 3.0kVA 35kg Hard Wired BR5000H

Data Sheet

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